Organic Balloon Garlands & Arches

Organic Balloon Centerpieces

This original design is called our Organic Favorite Centerpiece. This design compliments an organic balloon garland or arch perfectly.

Organic Balloon Tunnel

Imagine immersing your guests into your event as they enter the room. A balloon tunnel can give your guests an immediate experience and build excitement and anticipation as they walk through to your party space.

Jumbo Balloon Garland

We can create custom balloon garlands in virtually any size. This balloon garland for an engagement party is over 35 feet long and uses larger balloon sizes. These garlands are popular for bridal shower balloon decorations.

Organic balloon Swag Garland

A balloon swag is can make a big impression on a back drop. We often put these over candy and cake tables. They work great attached to a rented backdrop or can hang from a drop ceiling or with temporary hooks if the venue allows.

Organic balloon backdrop

We can incorporate balloons into your photobooth area. *This exact photo area is available at Anthony's Oceanview.

Custom Organic Balloon Sculpture

BPB can make a custom organic balloon sculpture or photo op. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of balloon art created for exclusively for you.

Balloon Bubble Strands

Balloon Bubble strands are a magical-looking addition to your party décor. We have made them for under the sea themed parties, weddings, bridal showers and more.

Organic Style Balloon Arch

Organic balloon arches and garlands are one of our most requested items. This style matches so many different themes because we can customize the look, colors and shape just for you. Organic style décor is very intentionally created, even though it looks random, it's a very time consuming and advanced technique that takes a lot of practice to master.

Organic Style Balloon Wall Backdrop

Balloon walls make great photo backdrops, and they can make a beautiful balloon display behind a cake or candy table. We have also used balloon walls to cover unappealing areas inside venues.

Party Entertainment Services

Face painters

With our sister company, Painted You, we provide services like professional face painting. Our face painters are use only quality, water-based makeup and can transform your guests into works of art!

Balloon Twisting Artist

Whether a private party, public event or corporate event, balloon twisting is the hit of the party. Balloon animals are a great way to attract attention at a trade show booth, or to keep kids busy and compliment their face paintings.